5 Best Free Music Downloading Apps for Android

Many of us have the passion of listening to music. We have the habits of singing and dancing along with the beats of the song and as technology has developed the old mp3 players have been replaced by the smartphones. There are lots many apps available where you can get music for free. Some of the best free music downloading apps are listed below:

MP3 Music download pro

This is one of the best music downloading apps where you can easily get music of all categories. Millions of free MP3 are available over this app which allows you to download the music for free. You can easily search the track you want to listen with the help of search box and download that particular music. You can even get the song lyrics and the album cover along with multi-thread download. It means that at the same time a total of 3 songs can be downloaded. One special feature is that the songs can be cut according to your wish.


iTube is one of the best music streaming apps and is also known as a YouTube downloader application. In iTube user can download a selected video instantly or can play different types of music within the app.



This is one of the best free music downloading apps. An excellent collection of DJ mixed playlists is available with the workout soundtracks which are there to freshen up your mind. You can download the tracks and even cache them for playback offline. There is one my beat feature available that allows you to automatically create the playlist that is same as your work style.

YouTube music


Youtube is one of the very popular and the common name in concern of audios and videos. The YouTube music app has almost all the songs that are available on the Earth. It provides the listening and streaming of all the music tracks for absolutely no cost at all. There is an endless catalog of music available to watch and listen for free with the combination of some ads. There is a paid subscription also which is known as YouTube Red. With the help of this paid version, all the ads are removed and also you can save the music to listen later whenever you wish to.

Music Paradise Pro


Another best music downloading app available in the android market is the Music Paradise Pro. This app allows you to download unlimited music tracks for free with no money to be invested. This app comes with a feature of licensed tracks that can be downloaded for free as they are authorized to be used for free. Thus, it is an amazing app.

GTunes music


This is one of the best music downloading apps with a beautifully created user interface. You can easily search, download and execute millions of MP3 tracks which are of very high quality. One of the amazing features of this app is that it allows you to create your own ringtones which you can later assign to your contacts as per your choice.

Hence, use any of the above apps and get the best quality music for no charges at all.