Upcoming MovieBox Movie List Of 2016

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  • The Purge: Election Year

This is a Sci-Fi thriller movie and a sequel of The Purge Series. It is a story of Heads of security of Presidential Candidate. The film is based on purge-the day of the year when all crimes are legal and can be committed without any fear. It shows whether the two securities would survive the purge or not?


  • Central Intelligence

This is a buddy cop movie which is a loud generic story. It is a comedy action movie with decent action scenes and hilarious punches. It moves around college friends, friendship and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

  • Imperium

It is based on real life story of an FBI Agent who is given a responsibility to perform a secret mission. This movie shows how an FBI Agent infiltrates a group of neo-Nazi .Harry Potter starrer Radcliffe plays the FBI agent role who undercover a terrorist group making a dirty bomb.

  • Suicide Squad

The movie is based on a story of a group of criminals named –The Suicide Squad which is recruited by the government of U.S. It is a superhero film with special effects, action, and interesting dialogues. Jared Leto famous Hollywood actor shaved his eyebrows to play the role of Joker – Leto.

  • Now You See Me

A crime thriller progresses between many plots and twists. The movie is based on FBI Agent who is given a task to solve the mystery behind the theft and misleading action of the robbers. Former magician’s role is interesting and gives a twist to the movie.

  • The Jungle Book

The story of a child left abandoned in the jungle accidently and then raised and brought up by the wolf family. A child named Mowgli lives happily among the wolves but proves enemy to the king of the jungle. He leaves home and meets many animals who teach him great lessons of life. It is a fun and adventurous movie, especially for children.

  • Bastille Day

This is an action film pulled from the cinema of France. It is based on a truck attack which resulted in the killing of about 90 people and 200 people left injured. The movie revolves around CIA Agent who is in an effort to counter a bomb attack in France. Directed by famous director James Watkins, it was released in cinema halls just a day before the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice.