5 best video calling apps for your personal computer

I have a cutest nephew ever who is getting bigger by the day and it’s really good to see him every now and then. Now that I’ve moved abroad, video chat keeps us in touch. A simple call or a voice chat might be a good alternative but it pales in comparison to a video chat where you can interact with the person by looking him/her straight into the eyes. Now the question that might be arising in your head is that which video chat application I should be using to get most out of my video calls because most of them don’t work as advertised. So over the entire course of this article we’ll be sharing the 5 best video calling apps for your personal computer. Try Facetime for PC Download, if you’re looking to use the best and smooth calling with your family or friends.

Google+ Hangouts

Google Hangout

We believe Google+ Hangout is now the most popular video chat option available for personal computers surpassing the Skype video chat. Google hangout is the future of video chatting since with it 10 person can chat simultaneously.  There’s a dedicated application/plugin for Windows and Mac operating system. It’s has a web based interface too which makes it workable in almost every platform- all you need is a Gmail account and you’re good to go.


Skype chat

Skype which was recently acquired by Microsoft is the most trusted and popular application for video chatting. It is available on all three major platforms that is Windows, Linux and Mac. The video quality is great and so is the usability of the application. Nowadays Microsoft is bundling it with windows 8.1 and windows 10 Pc’s which eventually will make it more popular than ever. You just can’t go wrong with skype when it comes to video chat.



iChat which is built in application of Mac operating system is the easiest and most efficient way to video chat among iOS and Mac based devices. It almost took zero efforts and is completely free to use. All you need is an apple ID and a person having iOS or Mac based device. Application is fairly easy to use and you can video chat will three persons at the same time. The only drawback is the zero support for cross platform video chatting but if cross platform is not an issue for you, no need to look further.

Facebook Video chat

Everybody is on Facebook nowadays and that’s why Facebook video chat is worth mentioning. The Facebook has collaborated with skype to offer video chat to its users and yeah, that means you don’t have to worry about the quality. All you need is a Facebook account, some good Facebook friends and a decent internet connection. Since the Facebook is browser dependent so you can enjoy the Facebook video chat in any platform.



With over 30 million users ooVoo has managed to make it place in top 5 list of best video chat apps. The thing that make ooVoo special is the various feature it offers along with splendid quality. Video chatting is fun in ooVoo especially the group chat where 12 persons can video chat simultaneously. And the best part is that you can record the video while chatting and download it once the chat is over. As of now, ooVoo is available for Windows and Mac operating system only.

You think we missed out one of your favourite?  Well we’re really sorry, please let us know in the comment section below and we’ll try to feature your favourite app in the updated version of this article.